Bottles containing a message of good will and other objects began to be placed in September 2015 in locations in USA and around the world. (Above: Bottle #1, Hawaii)



Bottle Finders' CIRCLE Responses 


Robert Arneson, bronze "egghead" in front of UC Davis art building

BOTTLE#16*, UC Davis, Arneson Sculpture

I passed your bottle to an artist friend of mine, that I worked with on a public arts project in Sacramento titled "Open Circle" I asked him to email photos of it to you. 


John, University of California, Davis, USA

Christopher Fennel

BOTTLE#18, Davis Trail at "Shovel Gateway"

My heart sings when I breath in fresh, cool air.

My heart sings along with the birds in the trees.


A very small thing that had a huge impact on my life was the polio virus that left me paralyzed from the neck down when I was 18 months old. Though I regained the use of some of my muscles, I never walked again; I use a power wheelchair for mobility. My life was changed for the better by this tiny thing that couldn't be seen by the naked eye. I have had opportunities and insights that I would never have had if I had not had this major shift in my realities. I consider it to have been a fortunate encounter, though there are many people who cannot understand this and might say that I am in denial. Nope, it ain't denial, but I'd have to tell my life story to explain further.


A very magical thing happened to me when I was 20. On a road trip, we stopped at the top of Look Out Mountain outside of Denver, Colorado in the USA. I met my doppelganger there! She was born on the same day and year as me. She looked like me. And she had also had polio, though not at the same age. It was a brief encounter and we were both so stunned at the event that we didn't think to exchange contact information. I think we were frightened by the idea of staying in touch, figuring that we'd magically bump into each other again if it was meant to be.


My gift to human harmony is a living example of riding change, rather than fighting it. Peace comes from floating a river in the direction that it flows, rather than swimming against it.


Pamela, Davis, California

BOTTLE #13. Green Sage Restaurant Railing

What makes my Heart sing: Love. When my mom gives me hugs and kisses. My friend Fable helping me by getting friends to play with me.


Something that meant a whole lot in my life: Looking at photo albums with my mom. Being at my great grandma's memorial service.


How I make the world a better place: Asking people not to throw trash on the ground. Smiling at people, even strangers. I take care of my dog and animals. I listen to what people need. I care about people. Totally.


Most magical thing that ever happened to me: Realized fairies existed. I just noticed them one day. There are lots of different kinds, and my favorites are everything fairies. They exist inside of me - their magic.


Rowan, age 6, Asheville, North Carolina USA

BOTTLE #32, Unity Sanctuary, Palo Alto

What a lovely find! 


Karyn, Unity Sanctuary, Palo Alto, California USA


BOTTLE#16* Finder to Sculptor

Note: The original finder shared Bottle #16 with sculptor Les Birleson. Pictured left is his "Open Circle," a sculpture environment, similar in concept to  360 Project.  


The sculpture Open Circle is composed of concentric circles and meant to be a place of healing and meditation. It took several years to complete and is composed of 30 tons of granite. Sorry it's not little but the thing that led me to it was extremely small: a thought about ethics and how they are constructed. Three sculptural elements make up ”Open Circle” and include a poetry wheel, a fountain with a bronze sculpture, and a vertical column with a water feature as the ”source”. Lighting and landscaping elements are also part of the artwork.


Les Birleson, sculpture located in Sacramento, California


November-December 2015

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Bottle #63, Reference Collection, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library, Honolulu, HI



I was happy to find it. It certainly brightened my afternoon. As for the image, I chose it because those tiny flowers (spotted while on a hike) remind me to stop and contemplate small things... which is maybe the best way I know of to feel grounded and establish a sense of perspective. 




Sveta,  Honolulu, Hawaii





























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Bottle #6  Woburn Square Garden on "The Green Man" statue by Lidia Kapinska (photo below)




Photo, title: Flames in Nevern Square

R&S's response to prompt on Inner Circle.



No Lo Estaba Esperando  (I wasn't expecting)




R&S   London, UK


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Haywood County Library #19

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Bottle #19 Haywood County Public Libray

next to the book "Message in a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks


My grandmother was always known as the "baby whisperer" within our family. She volunteered in a hospital that took care of newborns that were born with their mother's addictions. She could calm an infant with just simple rocking and humming a tune.


Shortly after she passed away I vividly remember being asleep and her voice shouting " Caroline, you need to check on Sadie!" Sadie at the time was a newborn. I raced upstairs to find her lying in bed sopping wet from a leaky diaper. While she wasn't injured or in danger, she needed her mother. I will never forget thinking, that my grandmother is still looking out for babies and for me.


Even when we think people have left our lives, there will always be a connection. She is our guardian angel.


Caroline, North Carolina





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Bottle #25 Windward Community College

Fishing is one of the most inspirational things in my life. Its such a simple yet challenging thing to do. Patience is key if you want to succeed not only in fishing but in many things in our wondrous lives. I found this Bottle at Windward community college while I was in the library and I thought it was special because it had my favorite baseball number that I use for all the teams I've played for (#25). This is an awesome idea! This project showed me how special something as small as finding a little tiny bottle can make a difference.


Jacob, Kaneohe, Hawaii


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